Navy Blossom Lovey Gift Set

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This 3-piece Petites Baleine set, is handmade out of our signature cotton Whale print and recycled denim.  

With his golden eyes and subtle smile, this adorable whale makes the perfect stroller companion and impromptu pillow & with the co-ordinating Bonnet and Knicker . . . how can you go wrong? It’s sure to become a favorite travel buddy.


Bonnet & Knicker
  • Constructed in beautiful cotton with playful Whale print. 
  • 97% Cotton, 3% Lycra
Whale Lovey
  • Dimensions:  5" x 20.5"   
  • 97% cotton, 3% Lycra cotton top, and cotton corduroy bottom
  • All loveys are partially filled with polyester fibers and partially filled with pre-washed scraps fabrics from our studio.