T h e  a b i l i t y / / to live sustainably in your personal life and as a small business owner is intense and has to be done with intention.

As a family we have lived that way for some time now, and my son Miles enjoys making sure where we eat uses paper straws ( and then launches into his disappointment if he finds plastic ones) and never leaves home without his metal ones.

Sustainability in commerce takes many steps, all the way down the line, to places you may not even have access too. The research and devotion are real if you want to do it right.

So we are working with Intention, studying the industry, and getting down to business to make sure we have every nook and cranny of our product properly sourced and checked for the proper practices so that you can shop for the little ones in your life with ease, knowing that what you are giving them is protecting the planet 🌍 while they are enjoying it 🍃

Petits Genoux / puh-tee . jUH-nu was created for the littlest ones in our lives. Eco-conscious, socially-conscious, and gender-neutral, Petits Genoux is great gifting for any child.


Kendra & Miles


Kendra Francis designer of Petits Genoux, thoughtfully crafted, quality baby clothing