Tips for Gifting Baby Clothes

When your friend shares the exciting news that they’re becoming a parent, there’s plenty of excitement and maybe even a few happy tears to go around. And then you have to find a baby shower gift—one that’s awesome, thoughtful, and unique for your friend and baby.  You may not even have kids and are lost on how to begin, but giving a gift is a wonderful way to share your joy, and let your friends and family know you are thinking of them especially if you cannot see the new babe (or their parents) in person. 

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Baby's on the way

At present, the days where everyone's gift will be "on display" at the shower as the mother-to-be opens her presents for all to see are on pause, but you still want to buy a nice gift that will get 'oohs & ahhs' from the new parents. 

Check out the baby announcement for some of the details you may need. Some announcements may include a theme and what baby’s gender is or if the gender is a surprise.

So now you've decided to buy baby clothes but what size do you buy?


The baby hasn't been born yet so you don't know what size he or she will need. You may not even know if it's a he or a she. You don't know if the baby will be born early and be a preemie. Or, if the baby will be born on time and be big. What if you buy baby clothes and the baby is already too big for the outfit? 

So, what size baby clothes should you buy for a baby shower gift?

Most 6-month-old babies can wear clothes size 9–12 months, 1-year-olds wear size 2 and so on. Buying 6-12 months or even 12-18 months for a newborn is ideal, as baby will be out and about more and there will be more opportunities to wear cute outfits. 

** Don’t buy too far ahead and burden a busy, new mom with storing something the child won't use until they are 5. Realistically, a new mom will appreciate baby clothes up to size 2T (2 years).

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Milestone Gifting

Baby is turning one, which is a wonderful excuse to buy them a celebratory ensemble. A first birthday outfit cues everyone in that it’s their big day. Plus, it’ll make those cake smash photos even sweeter. The best first birthday outfits take full advantage of their rolls and toes—for Instagram, yes, but also for you to reminisce about down the road! Remember there are also other great milestones like religious sacraments or that 6 month family photo!

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Tip 01

Keep in mind the personal style of the new parents. Are they trendy, naturalists or are they a glam fam?

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Tip 02

Always choose one size ahead of baby’s actual age.

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Tip 03

You may not live on an organic farm and sew your own baby clothes, but you still care about the environment and want to protect it for future generations. Shopping for baby clothing brands that use certified organic materials shows that you’ve put thought into your gift for the new parents to be.

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Tip 04

When it comes to baby shower etiquette, there’s no rule that says you must stick to the gifts on the registry.

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